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Jun 3, 2012 / 4 notes

Disparate Youth by Santigold

So glad that Santogold/Santigold has returned! I remember playing out her self titled album back in ‘08; L.E.S Artistes , Creator, and Shove It were my favorite singles. I love her style, and I’m glad she’s making a comeback!


Mar 1, 2012

Santigold is back with a hot new song and video! The song is Disparate Youth. I really like this song. I was disappointed when I heard her previous single “Big Mouth” last month. It’s kind of lame, But she definitely made up for it with this track!

I feel like she really toned down her look too..  She used to be kind of on MIAs game with the crazy colors and patterns and jewelry. And she had that cute short bob haircut. I just think she looks a little basic now :/

Any other Santigold fans agree??